3 Ways to Improve Local SEO for Your Business

custom-responsive-web-site-florida2People who go online to search for the products, services and businesses they want in their local area will instantly get a listing of results based on the keywords they type in.

Every small business owner wants the links to their business to be at or near the top of that list because usually web users will click on one of the top-listed links and ignore all the rest.

Straight to the Top

To get your business listed at the top of that list, you need to use local these Search Engine Optimization, or local SEO, techniques that will cause Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to list the link to your business’s website first:

  • Get a Google+ Local Page — The Google+ platform allows business owners to create their own free Google+ Local pages. Simply go to the Google+ Brands page and click on the button that says “Create a Google+ Page”. This will instantly make Google more aware of your business and help improve your website’s page rankings.
  • Free Google Webmaster Tools — Google also lets you optimize your web pages so that they are more appealing to its search engine. Go to Google Webmaster Tools, create an account, and add your website to the dashboard. You can then check your site’s health for potential issues that Google has already detected for you; see how most users are currently finding your site – and what you can do to make it easier; and see optimizations that will improve Google’s ranking of your website.
  • Use the Best Keywords — To get the most customers, your website needs to have the exact same keywords that people typing into Google to find businesses like yours. Go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner and search for different keywords to see how well they perform. Try out different keyword combinations until you find the ones that are going to bring you the most customers.


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